Abgoosht (Dizi)


One of the traditional, very delicious, and popular Iranian dishes is called Abgoosht (Persian: آبگوشت, [Âbgušt]). This food has other names such as Shoorba, Dizi, or Piti. Abgoosht is a combination of water, lamb, legumes, potato, and condiments.This nutritious, energetic, fatty, and delicious food has a long history. Not only this food has rich nutritional values. It is worth knowing that despite its benefits, cooking is also simple.

Some believe that cooking Abgoosht has been created by animal husbandry and nomadic life. However, many people have exactly the opposite view, saying that Abgoosht became popular after monogamy, urban planning, and the making of stone and pottery. Anyway, the oldest text that refers to Abgoosht in Persian dates back to the ninth century AH. Cooking this food is still popular among Iranians and is one of the most popular foods in both homes and restaurants.

Ingredients used to cook Abgoosht include lamb, chickpeas, potatoes, tomatoes, and spices. The time-consuming step in cooking this dish is when the chickpeas need to be soaked in water, taking a day or two. During this step, water should be changed several times. After this step, chickpeas are left with lamb and onions, spices and dried lime (Limoo Amani), and water to cook. If you want to have Abgoosht for lunch, it is better to leave it the night before or very early in the morning; till the flavors are married. Potatoes and tomatoes, and sometimes fragrant dried vegetables are also added to the food in the last step. The Abgoosht consists of two parts: "Tileet" or Tileed and "Goosht-e koobideh". In the first step of serving food on the table, these two parts are separated. In Tileet, dry bread or Sangak bread soaks up the broth and all of its flavor. Then, pour the rest of the Abgoosht ingredients, like lamb, potatoes, chickpeas, and tomatoes into special containers and mash with a tool called Goosht Koob to make Goosht-e Koobideh. This dish is usually served with Sangak bread, salads, onion, vegetables, and Dough or soft drinks.

Regarding Dizi and its difference with Abgoosht, it is necessary to explain that Dizi refers to the container in which the Abgoosht is cooked. The Abgoosht cooked in Dizi is more delicious and closer to the original taste of the Abgoosht. Interestingly, Abgoosht and Dizi have been mentioned in Iranian popular literature and among proverbs. Also, it is worth saying that different types of Abgoosht are cooked in the cities of Iran, including Abgoosht-e Kashk, Abgoosht-e Gandom (wheat), Abgoosht-e Balghour (Cereal), and Abgoosht-e Loubia (bean).

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