The Wooden Village of Neyshabur

The Wooden Village of Neyshabur


The Wooden Village of Neyshabur

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The Wooden Village (Choobin Village) of Neyshabur is one of the eye-catching attractions of Khorasan Razavi province, built in the ancient city of Neyshabur with a brilliant cultural and artistic background. Here, tourists can spend hours without worries and away from the hustle and bustle in structures made entirely of wood. They also can have tea and food together and enjoy the pleasant and clean air of this area. The Wooden Village of Neyshabur is located in Mohammadabad Aghazadeh village, one of the villages of Neyshabur county in Khorasan Razavi province. The designer of this wooden village is Engineer Hamid Mojtahedi.

The Wooden Village of Neyshabur is made entirely of wood. Other materials have been used only in a few small parts to observe the standards of hygiene. This complex is the first ecological village in Iran that has been made of several tons of wood. It is a small wooden village with all its facilities, including a large and beautiful mosque that has become the most prominent part of the village. The library and museum, all kinds of shops, restaurants, bakeries, all types of pavilions and suites for travelers' accommodation, as well as agricultural lands, are other parts of this complex. Meanwhile, the wooden house of engineer Hamid Mojtahedi shines like a diamond in the middle of the complex. This house is in the form of a three-story building with a gable roof and terrace.

The Mosque of the Wooden Village of Neyshabur is the first wooden mosque in the world. It is earthquake-proof. This mosque has an area of ​​200 square meters with a gable roof. It took almost two years to build this unique mosque. The mosque is an inverted ship that even the walls, cabinets, and furniture inside are made of wood. The mosque has an outer porch with a brick floor and several inscriptions made entirely of mulberry and walnut wood. The lighting is artistic, and the wooden mosque of the village bright incredibly at night. Despite the construction of the mosque with wood, this building has been prevented termite destruction and erosion by using insulation by Mojtahedi.

The Wooden Village of Neyshabur is located in Neyshabur city, at the end of Shohada Boulevard, along the Golden Taghiabad Road. To reach this beautiful village from Mashhad or Sabzevar, first go to the ancient city of Neyshabur. Continue along Ishaqabad Road or Khayyam Road until five kilometers after the shrine, on the way to Jilo village, enter the road on the right to the wooden village. The best time to visit is spring and summer.

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