Shams-e Tabrizi Mausoleum

Shams-e Tabrizi Mausoleum


Shams-e Tabrizi Mausoleum

Few Clouds

Beside the Mausoleum of Shams-e Tabrizi, one of the famous mystics (584-645 AH) and disciple of Rumi (the most famous Iranian poet), a cylindrical tower has been constructed by Shah Ismail Safavi who had a particular devotion to Shams.

This hollow tower is one of the unique monuments in this region. This monument classified to two parts due to its form.

The lower and the end part of the minaret which is smaller than the middle part has no decoration and the middle part of the building is decorated in the middle of the bricks with ram’s horn and the skull of hunted animals by the king (as a monument of power and his skill in hunting). Spiral staircase, from the minarets entrance that is located in the lower part of it leads to the muezzin part inclined toward the Qibla direction.

The foundation and about 50 cm of the lower parts of the building has been constructed by stone and the other parts have been constructed by bricks. There were three minarets around the Shams Mausoleum among which only remained currently and the two have been destroyed by natural causes. The Shams-e Tabrizi mausoleum was repaired by collaboration of the Italian team in 1386 SH.

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