Qoli Darvish Hill in Qom

Qoli Darvish Hill in Qom


Qoli Darvish Hill in Qom

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Qoli Darvish Hill is located southwest of the city Qom and close to Jamkaran complex. Qoli Darvish is one of the few explored mounds located in the central region of Iran. Only Sialk Hill in Kashan and Cheshmeh Ali in Rey had been explored previously.

Archeological excavations of Qoli Darvish began in 1381 SH. These researches showed that Qoli Darvish, in the neighborhood of Qom, as well as Shadqoli Khan Hill in the urban texture of Qom go back to six to seven thousand years ago. It should be mentioned that after these eras, the ancient site of Qoli Darvish Hill was vacant for more than one thousand years, and then regained its previous glory.

Even though in the past this site was as big as one hundred hectares and as tall as twenty meters, after much destruction, today the hill covers a land as big as fifty hectares. This vast area holds in it layers of sedentariness from cultures of New Bronze Age, the transitional age between New Age Bronze and Iron Age and a part of Iron Age. The discovery of historical elements of an ancient worship house from Bronze Age to the end of Iron Age approximately from three thousand and eight hundred years to three thousand years ago, that has had religious functions, led to conclusions about the social classes and further anthropological researches about those periods of history.

Following the expeditions in layers from Bronze Age, indicators of urbanization such as separation of the houses from the industrial section, ritual memorial structures, structures related to trading and commerce outside the city, military organization and pottery were discovered. Next to these, discovery of a clay pot in the floor of a small room in Qoli Darvish showed the burial method used during Bronze Age in the plateau of Iran. Also, the found architectural structures, cylinders, the seals of the pots, tokens or counting units and parts of pottery are particularly important. During recent years, it has become possible for the public to visit Qoli Darvish Hill and the tourists can reach this site by taking the road to Jamkaran, at the beginning of old Qom-Kashan Route.

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