Olesblangah Countryside

Olesblangah Countryside

Olesblangah Countryside


The experience of seeing the ocean while standing on a cloud, in a region with green nature, in the middle of jungle and mountain, can make an unforgettable memory for you; a scene that you can see in person in Olesblangah Countryside in Gilan province.

Olesblangah Countryside has been located in 25km south of Masal city in Gilan province that is placed in high land. This place is considered to be one of the most famous countryside regions in Gilan to which many tourists travel every year.

Proper facilities have been provided in this region for tourists. In addition to hotels and inns, there are many wooden shacks here that you can stay there for the night. There is electricity in some shacks and you can use it till midnight. The Natural Resources Organization permits only constructing wooden buildings to keep the natural and pristine atmosphere of the region and maintain the original appearance of the land that is the main cause of attracting people along with the pleasant weather.

One of the most spectacular scenes you can see and enjoy in Olesblangah Countryside is the cloud ocean. If you are lucky enough, the cloud and fog cover the lower valley and a cloud ocean is formed under your feet. The scene of sunset is also really wonderful in this region.

If you are traveling to Olesblangah Countryside from Tehran you must enter Gazvin-Rasht freeway and change your route, 20km before Rasht, toward Fuman road. You will enter the road of Masal- Gilavan by passing through Fuman, Someh Sara and Masal and reach Olesblangah Countryside after passing a mountainous route that is itself one of the attractions of your travel to this region.

The best time for traveling to Olesblangah Countryside is middle spring to the late summer. If you don’t have problem with a relatively cold weather, you can also come here in the autumn and enjoy the colorful nature. However, it is noteworthy that the weather is extremely cold in Olesblangah Countryside during winters and road is also not safe in this season of the year.

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