Nashtifan Asbad or windmills

Nashtifan Asbad or windmills


Nashtifan Asbad or windmills

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Nashtifan Asbad or windmills in Khaf is one of the biggest adobe, mud and wooden complex from Safavid era and also the biggest and the oldest world’s Asbad complex.

Most of historians determine its genesis before the Muslim conquest of Iran and the others recognize it about 1700 years before Christ birth.

Asbad development in Nashtifan was due to strong and continuous 120-day Sistan winds.

Asbad moves the wooden blades by winds blowing which would have been the cause of mill stones transmission and wheat flour.

There is a primary device which working based on leverage, in holes under rocks in the interior space of the Asbad which can stop it when necessary. The lack of wind and the constant lack of it at all times of the year had been a major problem in the use of Asbads. Asbad had an important role in the livelihoods and lives of the people in this region.

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