Makidi Forest Park in Kaleybar

Makidi Forest Park in Kaleybar


Makidi Forest Park in Kaleybar

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Makidi Forest Park or Makidi Darreh Si, a part of Arasbaran forests, is situated near Kaleybar. This park is full of trees and it is located inside the protected area of Arasbaran. The best time to visit this park is from the middle of the spring to the beginning of the autumn.

The distance between Tehran to Makidi Forest Park in Kaleybar is seven hundred and eighty-five kilometers and it is twenty-two kilometers between Kaleybar and Makidi. To get there, you should follow the guide board to Babak Fort and continue this road until you get to a three-way. Left road takes you to Makidi Darreh Si and the right, to Aynalu village. Makidi village is near to a forest park area.

For tourists and naturalists, and the persons who like to get away from traffic and urban life for a while, Makidi Forest Park is a very good choice. Arasbaran protected forests are one of the most original ones in East Azerbaijan Province and Iran that are also called Kaleybar.

This is a restricted part of Arasbaran forests where tourists can stay there during nights and there is no danger that wild animals attack us. Cool and pleasant weather in Kaleybar makes the residences of East Azerbaijan province go there to avoid the hot weather in summer. Many go there on weekends because the travelers from the cities around choose this place for camping.

Although there is a buffet in the park, it would be better that you have the supplies and the food you need. There are some facilities for travelers like bathrooms, parking, and pavilions.

There are some huge and various trees in Makidi Forest Park and a pleasant river flows next to this park. Alongside the river, you can have some tents, or pass the night in the middle of the forest. In the morning, all you see is green and forests. There is no noise that breaks the silence, except for the birds or leaves.

You can buy honey and local bread for breakfast. After that, you can go to the jungle. There is a lot of walnuts, hazelnut, raspberry and charcoal in Makidi Darreh Si. Also, Thymus and Liquorice grow there.

If you like to go to Makidi Forest Park, it is considered to visit other places like Babak Fort, Makidi Darreh Si, and Touristic area of Ainalu.

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