Lar National Park

Lar National Park


Lar National Park

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Lar National Park, also known as Dasht-e Lar or Lar Plain, is one of the richest habitats of Iran. Because of its importance and the critical necessity of its protection, it is now declared as a preservation area by the Department of Environment of Iran.

There are many seasonal and permanent rivers and Lar Dam Lake located there that make it possible for a diverse range of species of animals and plants to live in this park. However, the magnificent view of Damavand Peak is probably the most beautiful landscape of Lar Park. Damavand Peak with, its breathtaking nature, is also a preservation area close to the capital. Just like Damavand, the short distance of Lar Park from Tehran has turned it into a popular destination for the tourists. It is only seventy kilometers from Tehran.


Many Different species of animals inhabit Lar National Park. They include goats, rams, wild goats, sheep, brown bears, tigers, wild cats, and golden eagles. Brown trout is one of the rarest species of fish that can be found in the park. The vegetation of Lar Park, on the other hand, is quite unique. If you travel there during the end of the spring, you will find there covered with Poppies and wildflowers. The flower-covered plain, with mountains in the back, create amazing views. One of the best views of the highest peaks of Iran can be seen from Lar Park.

Since Lar Park is located between high mountains, the rivers that pass through it eventually flow into Lar Dam. A part of the water of Tehran and surrounding cities is provided by this dam. The dam itself is not a part of the park and has turned into one of the promenade sites during recent years.

The best way to go to Lar Park is Haraz Road. It leads to the eastern entrance of the Park. The other way goes through Garmabdar Village. Other mountain paths reach Lar Plain. The middle of the spring and summer are the best time to travel to Lar Park. During these times, the park is open to the public. The other time of the year a license is needed to enter the park.

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