Khaju Bridge (Baba Roknedin Bridge)

Khaju Bridge (Baba Roknedin Bridge)


Khaju Bridge (Baba Roknedin Bridge)

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Today's Khaju Bridge was made on the ruins of the past from the late Timurid era by Safavid Shah Abbas II in 1060. This bridge is more famous than any other bridges of the river because of its architecture and tiles decoration.

The Khaju Bridge was one of the most beautiful bridges in the world in the Safavid era largely used as a dam. A building constructed between each of the two eastern and western sides of the bridge including several rooms decorated with paintings.

This building which has been called "Shahneshin" was the place of leaders and kings who came to watch the matches of swimming and boating on an artificial lake.

There are two stone lions in two eastern corners of the bridge that are the symbols of Bakhtiari corps and Isfahan guards in Safavid era.

The bridge has 24 spans made from carefully cut cubes and had been blocked by wooden dams in the middle.


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