Kalpoosh Plain

Kalpoosh Plain


Kalpoosh Plain


Semnan Province contains different climates from deserts to cold high mountains. This climate diversity causes the province to benefit from diverse natural attractions. Kalpoosh Plain is one of them. The plain is the host of many visitors in springs and summers.

Kalpoosh plain is located in the north of Meyami county. A green district with special landscapes in mid-spring till late spring. During these days the plain is covered by the anemone flowers to create picturesque landscapes.

After blossoming of anemone flowers, the plain slowly fades into yellow. Sunflowers start to blossom in late summer, it’s time to travel to enjoy new mood, but the weather is warmer than spring in late summer.

Dashteshad Forest, Namnick Forest and a waterfall with the same name are the other natural attractions of the plain.

Vegetation in spring is like a soft carpet during spring, especially with the sharp colors of anemone flowers. The best time to travel is the exact time of anemone blossoming when the first period of spring rains end. The best time to travel in late summer is the last week of September.

In order to visit Kalpoosh Plain, the best road is the Tehran-Mashhad highway. After crossing Shahroud, ride to Meyami, then proceed to north. The distance between Shahroud city and Kalpoush Plain is about 200 kilometers. There is also another road to travel Kalpoosh Plain; the road starts from Gorgan, the capital city of Golestan Province. Despite Tehran-Mashhad highway which crosses wilderness, Gorgan road is a green road and crosses the forest, but it’s a further route to the plain.

There are many local farmers who live in Kalpoosh Plain. As a responsible visitor, it’s better to be careful about the crops and fields. The grass beds are really delicate, if you travel in a group, it’s better to move in a line to prevent harm to the soil and grasses. If you camp there in the night do not keep your lights turned on in a long time, it makes bugs attract to the light and die. As the last tip please do not touch the wildflowers.

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