Jahangir Khan Seminary in Qom

Jahangir Khan Seminary in Qom


Jahangir Khan Seminary in Qom

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As one of the oldest cities in Iran, Qom is the second touristic religious one after Mashhad, for Ma’soomeh’s shrine is located in this city. Next to the shrine, there are some other historical monuments that, unfortunately, there is no possibility to visit them.

Jahangir Khan Seminary is one of these monuments which its date backs to the Safavid dynasty. As one of the less-known monuments, it is situated next to Qom Jame' Mosque (or Atiq Mosque) with beautiful architecture. This monument, also known as Jani Khan School, is located in Qom Jame' Mosque quarter where was called Darvazeh Rey street in the past and it is one of the most active schools in Iran.

Jahangir Khan Seminary is exactly in front of the propylaeum of Qom Jame' Mosque and it is accessible through Azar street.

In this region, you can find historical Bazaar of Qom and its famous Timchee (warehouse), Ab Anbar, Shadqoli Khan Zone is a part of Shadqoli Khan mound. Nowadays, it is a traditional restaurant and also Yazdan Panah historical and ancient house.

In some resources, it is mentioned that one of the Ilkhanid local governors, Jani Khan, has established this monument, and he was also the founder of Qom Jame' Mosque. If we accept this hypothesis, its date backs to the era before Safavid and around the eighth century AH, the period when the mosque was built next to the school.

This building was used from the Safavid dynasty to the Qajar dynasty and it was popular among scholars. Regarding the documents, in 1277 AH Mirza Nasr Allah renovated the building which had been destroyed before. As he was paid a remarkable amount of financial endowments by Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, this school was called Naseri School. This renovation continued to 1287 AH and the building we have today belongs to this epoch. The endowments were to allocate to the religious scholars. Also, some other religious schools were founded by a part of these endowments, such as Imam Khomeini Seminary which was built for international religious students.

Having the code 1987, Jahangir Khan Seminary is registered on the Iranian National Heritage list.

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