Imam Khomeini's House

Imam Khomeini's House


Imam Khomeini's House

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Imam Khomeini's house, the first supreme leader of Islamic Republic of Iran, is one of the important buildings of Qom that enjoys the special political and social background and has been best known due to being located in Yakhchal Qazi district.

This building is one of the monuments at the early 14 century SH and was the last residential house of Imam Khomeini in the period of his living in this city.

This building was bought by Imam Khomeini in the year of 1335 and he lived in this house up to 1342. This house ceded to the Imam’s brother, Ayat Allah Pasandide, after exile of Imam to Turkey and with the change of his exile place to Najaf, it has been assigned to the house of leadership (Beyt-e Rahbari) by Haj Ahmad Khomeini in 1373.

This old house is a simple building with two floors including one ground floor and underground. The yard is located in the south part of the building and the indoors are located in the north, east and west sides of the house.

There is a stairway at the center of the building which divides it into the exterior part (eastern) and interior part (western).

The interior surfaces of the house have no decoration and have been covered by plaster. The exterior surfaces are also made of the simple bricks and smooth plaster with no stencils.

In spite of being proper in terms of in comparison with the other houses in Qom, it is highly simple and without any decoration. The house of Imam Khomeini was not only the place of his life in this city, but also many public meetings, lectures and important political meetings of him were held in this place.

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