Haj Agha Ali's House

Haj Agha Ali's House


Haj Agha Ali's House

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Haj Agha Ali's house is one of the largest and most beautiful traditional and adobe houses of the world which has been built by Haj Agha Ali famous as Zaeim-Allah Rafsanjani (the greatest businessmen of that period) in 1136 SH.

The house had known to be the appropriative house in the past in which the architectural principles and modes in harmony with the climate of the region, symmetry and asymmetry of principles have been completely considered.

Haj Agha Ali's house has been surrounded by relatively high stratigraphic walls in an introverted state and it was a four Seasons house.

Inside the house is formed from different parts including 86 rooms, Haftdari, Panjdari, Sedari and Pastoo as well as the spring house, alcove, autumn room, and winter room.

The high domed ceilings, magnificent arches, beautiful moldings, soaring pine trees and traditional architecture of the houses attract any viewer’s attention.

This set is consisted of eight parts of the house, market, water storage (with beautiful brick and ceramics decorations), a mosque, a caravanserai, a bathroom, a religious site and ice house (two km of Ghasem Abad) each of them has made based on the users' needs and it currently has several various usages the most major one is its role as residential and entertainment center.

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