Although Equestrianism has been done by many different types in different historical eras with specific functions in each time, it is also popular as one of the exciting sport in different regions of Iran. The horse had a privileged position among the nomads and villagers and the Iranian fighters were famous for their skills in horse riding and originality of their horses.

Equestrianism' from Pleasure to Sport

Today, the horse racings with various branches have been turned into one of the popular sports so that even watching it makes so many funs as an entertainment. The physical and mental strength are necessary to do this sport and if you want to continue that, it’s necessary to know that the equipment of this type of sport, horses keeping, horse breeding and training is highly expensive. Dramatic games with horse include picking up the clod from the ground, picking up a hat from a height, standing and handstand on the back of a horse (at full gallop), jumping on the horseback and get the horse off during the march. The horse gallop is one of the exciting entertainment and games which is performed in some events as ceremonies or local matches as a competition along with the folk music of each region in the presence and encouragement of the audience and the judgement of the ringmasters among some tribes, nomads and villagers, especially the Turkman who are known by their horse (Turkman Sahra is a center of equestrianism and Gonbad is the capital of equestrianism in Iran). The horses such as, "Dokhon", "Do Rage "Persian", "Arab" (The most beautiful horses), "Kurd" (The fastest horses) and "Khazar" are highly popular in equestrianism training.

The fields of equestrianism

In fact, this sport is an art related to the method of leading and control of horse movement by the horseman. The horseman usually by wearing the equestrian cloths such as helmet, equestrian boots, gloves, riding pants, protective vests depends on the type of competition, coordinated with the speed of a horse. Then, the horseman inclines his center of gravity toward the desired direction and in order to maintain the posture he should keep his quite balanced posture on the saddle.

Equestrianism includes horse riding, jockeying (one of the most popular type of equestrianism matches), polo (a kind of group sport), Dressage (a highly skilled form of riding), Haunting with horse, Rodeo (competition with wild horses) and other numerous spectacular fields with certain standards and specific rules. Maybe a horseman is fined for his various errors during the match and the winner will be someone who has the lowest errors, the shortest time or the highest score based on the type of competition.



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