Dzordzor Chapel

Dzordzor Chapel


Dzordzor Chapel

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Dzordzor Chapel, also known as Chapel of Holy Mother of God, is located twelve kilometers northwest of Saint Thaddeus Monastery, close to Baron Village, near the opening of a valley on West Azerbaijan Province and twenty kilometers from Maku. Name of this chapel is inspired by the name of an Armenian bishop named Hovanes yerznkatsi, also known as Tsortsoretsi, a man of literature and teacher who run the chapel and lived there in 1341. The structure was built during the fourteenth century by Saint Thaddeus.

The façade of the structure is simply made of stones. There are only windows on its walls that lead to pointed barrel vaults by false columns. The building looks like a cross and is rectangular. It looks more like a prating hall. The size of this chapel is about seven meters long and five-meter wide. It is as high as twelve meters. There is a dome with sixteen grooves on it, four shades located under the dome, and four other around it. Four attics have been built on four sides of the walls, and four rooms have been built inside.

The entrance gate of the Dzordzor Chapel is located on its western side. It is made of metal with cross-like ornaments on it. One of the unique features of this chapel is that the stones have been arranged and interlocked from inside in a way that the mortar used between them can’t be seen by the visitors. Forms of cross have also been engraved on the stones.

Dzordzor Chapel was sunk in water as a result of the operation of Baron Dam in 1367 SH. By the efforts of Armenian society and experts of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran, it was restored and repaired to its previous status. In agreement with the Armenian Apostolic Church, the building was relocated 600 meters by the Iranian authorities in 1987-1988, following the decision to build a dam on the Zangmar River, to avoid being inundated in the dam reservoir. The lake formed behind Baron Dam has created a magnificent view and added to the beauty of the landscape of this building.

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