Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin Ski Resort


Dizin Ski Resort

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Dizin Ski resort is one of the most important ski resorts of Iran and Middle East. It is located in the heights of Alborz province. Dizin is considered as the first ski facility that has been approved by the International Ski Federation to hold world competitions. Surrounded by its mountains, the region of Dizin is located in Alborz province. Since it is only one hundred and twenty-three kilometers distant from Tehran, not very far from the capital, and along the route from Tehran to Chalus, it has gained the attention of both professional athletes and those interested in skiing as a hobby.

Dizin resort began working in 1969 after the installation of the first accelerator devices. Later four chair lifts facilitated the travels of the athletes between its twenty-three ski routes. Some of the most known routes of Dizin are Snow Park, beginners’ routes and grass skiing route. It is to be noted that this busy resort is seven and half kilometer long, the most upper point being two thousand and six hundred and fifty meters higher than sea level.

Benefiting from technical facilities and proper slope and length, Dizin ski resort is considered a suitable option for holding national and international competitions. The skiing season when it is the best time for the athletes to enjoy this sport, begins in December and ends in May. Each year this time span differs due to changes in the climate. The temperature of the resorts falls to twenty centigrades below zero in winter, and in summer, it reaches twenty centigrade higher than zero, making it a very cool and pleasurable rest place.

Today there are many facilities updated with the new technologies in this resort. They include two hotels, nineteen suits, and five restaurants. Sport activities are not limited to the cold season because, in the summer, grass skiing is also available. The grass skiing route of Dizin, where annual world competitions are held, is six hundred and fifty meters long. While visiting there, one can enjoy other activities such as mountain biking and bow archery, too. Another attraction of Dizin resort is its public park that has been landscaped with mountain plants and vegetation.

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