Constitutional House

Constitutional House


Constitutional House

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Constitutional house is one of the most famous and honorable historical houses of Iran, which was the place of fateful decisions by constitutional leaders at the climax of constitutional revolution.

This building was the private estate of Haj Mahdi Koze Kanani, one of the constitutional activists in Tabriz, constructed by Haj Vali, a Tabriz architect of the Qajar architectural style in two floors with interior and exterior parts of stone, brick and adobe in 1247 SH.

There are six rooms and a vestibule at the first floor and a large hall and six rooms in the vestibule at the second floor. The most interesting and beautiful parts of this building are the vestibule and the room of colorful glass used there.

The lateral rooms have a wooden roof with octagonal embossed decorations and wooden doors with arabesque embossed works. The highlight features of this house include sash windows, inlaid doors, Passage way, Kolah Farangi and skylight window.

Constitutional museum established after some changes in the halls and the rooms of constitutional house in order to show the images of historical documents related to the constitutional revolution in 1375 SH.

Historical documents, constitutional carpet, statues of the characters and Mojahedins of the constitutional revolution such as Sattar khan, Baqer khan and the others, personal items of constitutional leaders, the pistol of Sattar khan, some pictures of Mozafaredin shah, Mohammad Ali shah and constitutional opponent groups, gelatin printing machine (hand-made copy) are the monuments of this museum.

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