Afin Village

Afin Village


Afin Village

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South Khorasan province can be considered to be one of the regions of Iran that has been mostly neglected in terms of tourism; although, there are many considerable and significant natural and historical tourism attractions in all around the province. Afin village near Gayen is one tourism destination village in South Khorasan province in which you can find many interesting historical attractions.

The village has abundant barberry gardens that are one of the main sources of income for local people of Afin village. Visiting these gardens has unique grace in each season.

Among the main historical attractions of this village Jama Mosque of Afin can be referred that has been inscribed on the index of Iran National Heritages. It seems that this mosque was built in Timurid period. A main part of this building has been ruined and now only the walls and Goldasteh are healthy remained. The alter (Mihrab) on the main porch (Iwan) of the mosque is also interesting that has been decorated with beautiful stucco work.

There is a castle inside the historical texture of the village that includes mosque and school. Another castle is also placed on top of a mountain overlooking the village that is called the Mountain Castle.

The water mill and Chahar Gonbad (meaning four domes) are other historical attractions of this village. A permanent ethnography exhibition of Afin is also being held close to the watermill of this village providing a good opportunity for tourists to get familiar with the culture, old occupations, customs and rituals of people in this village.

Unlike most cities that are placed in arid and semi-arid regions, the weather is relatively cool in Afin and it is even pleasant during summers. However, the best time for traveling to this village is autumn when you can take a visit to the process of Saffron harvesting in Gayen, in addition to enjoy the historical attractions of this old village.

Afin village is located in eighty kilometers southeast of Gayen in South Khorasan province. This village is considered to be one of the districts of the newly established city of Zirkuh.

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