From Astara to Estarabad

From Astara to Estarabad

From Anzali to Gorgan


1st Day

Manouchehr Sotoudeh, the great Iranian geographer who has recently died, had written a book named “From Astara to Estarabad”! he has devoted his book to the ancient and historic attractions of three north provinces of Iran, Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan. We also want to be his traveler; however, we start from Anzali instead of Astara.

The beautiful Anzali Port which has been transformed into a free zone is best known for its astonishing lagoon. The coastal Boulevard of Anzali is also a beautiful route for walking along the port.

Depart for Rasht, the capital city of Gilan and the scene of many circumstances in contemporary history of Iran. An excursion into the corners and walking in the pavements of Shahrdari Square to Sabze Meydan is of necessity in a travel to Rasht.   

The next destination is Lahijan; a city with a mixed flavor of muffins and the tea fields where you can enjoy walking around the famous pool. The Museum of Tea History of Iran which is the Mausoleum of Kashef Al-Saltaneh, a person who cultivated the first tea leave in Lahijan, is also here.  

The next destination along the north line of Iran is Langarud. Among the natural attractions of this city Kiakalaye Lagoon, Leyla Kuh and Kumeleh should be mentioned. The Adobe Bridge of Langarud is of historic places you should cross to observe the Lang River and Aram River from the top of the bridge.

Now you must be exhausted! Let’s find a place for taking a rest because many attractions are waiting for us tomorrow.


2nd Day

The next destination of the north travelers is Ramsar; a city with famous attractions needless to say. Ramsar Hotel, Moallem Boulevard with high palm trees as well as Marmar Palace is just a part of Ramsar attractions. You have a chance to get on tele cabin in order to reach the green pick overlooking the city without mountain climbing.

Leave Ramsar for Nowshahr. The cities you will see in your path are Tonekabon, one of the main centers of citrus cultivation, Salman Shahr and the tourism city of Namak Abrud. Finally, you will arrive at Chalus; a well-known city for the lovers of Chalus Road which is considered to be the entrance of north of Iran.

If you arrive at Nowshahr during evening it is better to stay for night and seek for the attractions of east Mazandaran tomorrow.


3rd Day

The first cities you can stop by on the third day’s morning are Ghaem Shahr and the Savadkuh County. Gerdkuh Ancient Hill, Kotna Forest, Talar Forest Park and the Protected Forest Area of Khibus are waiting for you there. After a complete excursion into Ghaem Shahr you can leave for Sari, the capital city of Mazandaran Province. Badab-e Surt fountains and Churat Lake are also visitable around the city.

While leaving Sari you should know that it is just 45minutes distance to your next destination, Behshahr. Therefore, you should spend your night in Behshahr and enter Golestan Province tomorrow.


4th Day

Spent the last day in Gorgan, the capital city of Golestan and visit its astonishing attractions like Nahar Khoran. This province has embraced a complete collection of attractions you need enough time to visit.


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