Dress Code



Like many countries across the world, Iran has its own style and fashion. With respect to Islamic rules including “Hijab”, it is expected, tourists pick modest outfits.

Tip 1: Ladies! Please cover your hair wearing a scarf; scarf is the most common covering for head and hair. It is called "Rousari" in Persian. Please make sure to wear something loose to cover the body. Arms should not be bare and legs should be covered down to ankles. 

Tip 2: Gentlemen! Please do not wear shorts or extreme short sleeve and tight shirts in public places. Feel free to wear ties or bows and T-shirts depending on your plans and events you are attending.

Tip 3: On Iranian flights, it is usually requested to follow the dress-code upon entering the Iranian airspace. We can recommend you to pick a Manteau (a light coat or a mantle) and a scarf. You later can explore the city and find out about the latest fashion style in Iran and experience shopping like locals do. See it as a new experience and it will be fun. If not sure where to start, google some photos and even on your flight, have a look at flight stewardesses to get an idea of how you have to wear your scarf and manteau. 

Tip 4: When visiting holy places, you may be asked to wear a Chador before you enter the holy site. Not to worry! the sites will provide you with a chador upon entrance.

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