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Saman is a city in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari Province and is the center of Saman county. It is located in 22km of the northeast of Shahr-e Kord and has a mountainous climate; A region with a beautiful nature that is famous for its historical bridges.

Saman city is placed on the eastern hillside of Shiraz mountain along Zayanderud. Therefore, it has suitable conditions for agriculture and gardening. Among the products of this region almond, walnut, peach and Armenian plum can be mentioned. Saman is one of the main centers of almond and walnut production in the center of Iran.

People of the city are mostly Qashqai Turk who speak in Qashqai Turkish. A part of the population are the immigrants who came here from the surrounding of Isfahan, Shahr-e Kord and the west of Khuzestan.

Zaman Khan bridge is one of the attractions of Saman that has been inscribed on the list of Iran national heritage. This bridge is five kilometers far from Saman dating back to Safavid era. Having two openings, the bridge has been constructed above the Zayanderud on the natural rocks. Zaman Khan is one of the tourism poles of Saman which is the host of many tourists even on holidays. What made this place a tourism destination is the amazing appearance of flowing Zayanderud underneath along with the welfare amenities provided.

Kah Kesh and Hooreh bridges are other historical and attractive places of Saman. Yaseh Chah, Hooreh, Chelvan and Savad Jan are four tourism villages of the city. Saman central mosque is among the religious and historic monuments of Saman related to Qajar era. Molla Rahim old bath, Bala Deh bath and the mausoleum of Dehqan Samani, the Samani poet, as well as the vast fruit gardens are among the other attractions of this city.

Chaq Chaqu is one of the traditional rituals of the region that is held during Moharram days. The ritual is a kind of mourning where people gather in an especial way in form of big groups while murmuring the certain poems. Each person takes a piece of wood or stone in their hand and hits them together regularly.

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