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Chenaran City is located in Razavi Khorasan Province in the northeast of Iran. This city is about 50km far from Mashhad, the capital city of Razavi Khorasan Province. The city is the host of people from different tribes like Kurd, Fars, Turk and Khavari.

Constructing the new city of Chenaran dates back to 1330s, when the sugar factory of Chenaran was established and the city formed around this building. before that time the city was called Radkan that was a village in Tus city in the past and it is a part of Chenaran city at present. It includes two counties and five rural districts now. This region was related to Mashhad city before the establishment, therefore, it can be said that its history is linked to the history of Mashhad and Tus.

Chenaran is placed in the south of Hezar Masjed mountains and the north of Binaloud mountain. With this regard and given to the water of these mountains Chenaran is a fertile region. Wheat, apple, beet and corn are the main agricultural products of this city.

Radkan bridge is of the main historical monuments of Chenaran. According to the evaluations, this building seems to had an astronomical and calendar usage in the past. The height is approximately 26m. Khajeh Radkan mausoleum which is the place of Khajeh Nezam ol-Molk Radkani tombstone, one of the mystics of this region, and the Jama mosque of Radkan are other historical attractions of this city.  The mausoleum of Khajeh Abd ol-Rahman Gahvarehgar is one of the other historical buildings of Chenaran. Balqur Khaneh building of Abd ol-Rahman Gahvarehgar is also here.

The bridge of Cheshmeh Gilas is another attraction in Chenaran related to Pahlavi I period; this building has been inscribed on the list of national monuments of Iran. The historical Caravanserai of Seyed Abad is the other historical monuments of Chenaran near to Seyed Abad in the southern part of Mashhad-Quchan road. Abqad valley is one of the tourism natural attractions of Cheanran city. The beautiful waterfall of Abqad inside this valley has made it a suitable place for nature trekking. Akhlamad waterfall is among natural attractions of Chenaran close to a village with the same name.

Andishesh (Anjeshesh), the tourism city of Golmakan, Dowlat Abad village, Esjil village and Cheshmeh Sabz are other visitable places of this city. Apple and honey are the main souvenirs of Chenaran. Carpet and kilim weaving are beautiful handicrafts of this city.

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