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استان چهارمحال و بختیاری
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Boldaji is one of the Turkish cities of Boroujen in the province of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari. Gaz product of this city has a universal reputation in so far as the city is called the Gaz Capital of Iran. People speak is both Farsi and Qashqai languages here.

Boldaji is located between 25km to the southwest of Boroujen and 65km to Shahrekord (the capital city of province). It shares land borders with Aqbolagh to the east, with Hamza ibn-Ali holy shrine to the west, with Arjaneh Mountains to the north and with Kalar Mountains to the south.

Qashqai Turks, Bakhtiari Lors and Fars people constitute the main part of Boldaji population. In addition to agriculture and gardening, they are mostly occupied with animal husbandry and making dairy products, creating handicrafts and weaving, producing different kinds of Gaz, Poolaki, Noql and candy and sending their products to different parts of the country.  

Boldaji is a historic city with mountainous nature; Interesting among the natural attractions of this city are the Chogha Khor international lagoon, Palangi valley, Agh Cheshmeh (Cheshmeh Sefid), Darehbid, Arjaneh garden and Allah Gholi garden which attract tourists’ attention during their travel to this region. There also exist many wonderful historical attractions in the city which welcome the tourists in all seasons of the year including the ancient hill of Balashgerd, related to Belash, the Parthian king, and the summer capital of Parthian rule, a Safavid Bathroom, and Armenian cemetery with 300years history. According to the existence of lagoons and the beautiful mountainous nature, the best seasons for traveling to Boldaji are spring and summer.

Similar to other regions of the province, local foods of this city include different kinds of bread and pottage which are made of local vegetables and wilding plants. Grains and beans constitute a main part of edible foods in this region. Interesting among the traditional foods of this region are Varchaleh bread, Tiri bread, Dough pottage, wild leek omelet, Kal Joosh, Toleh, Aviz and Tas Kebab.

The main Boldaji souvenirs are pistachios Gaz, honey Gaz, Poolaki and candy. These are the most famous souvenirs of this region but there also exist other products here which attract tourists’ attention in their travel to this region like various kinds of dairy products including Qarehqurut (black Kashk), cheese, Kashk, and different kinds of dried fruits such as raisin, fig, berry, almond and walnut.

Weaving different kinds of carpets and Kilims, Pelas, Jajim and Khorjin, Namad Mali, Kolah Mali and sewing Giveh are the handicrafts of Boldaji. Moreover, producing nomadic handicrafts like Varis, a kind of belt woven from silk, Khor, a Khorjin-like case for carrying wheat, rice, flour and barely, Namakdan, a case dedicated to carrying salt which is woven as the combination of carpet and Jajim is highly popular in this city.

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