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In addition to a long history, unique civilization and native cultures, the four season province of Sistan and Baluchestan enjoys its interesting food diversity. One of the traditional foods of this region is the famous Tabaheg cooked with a special method native to the people of this region. The people of Baluchestan were using the meat of sheep sacrificing in different events for cooking Tabaheg, in the past. There was a certain method for drying meat in Baluchestan as the best preserving way with no need to a refrigerator which is still accepted there. Celebrated as the native food of Makran, Tabaheg has also many fans in other cities of Sistan and Baluchestan province, even among the non–Baluch group.

Tabaheg is the main and the most delicious food of Baluch people as Sahari (the pre-dawn meal in Ramadan) and its meat preparation starts from the second half of Shaban and lasts amostone week or 10 days. The particular method of meat preparation for Tabaheg includes providing thin layers of meat and rubbing the mixed dough of sour pomegranate powder and salt on these thin layers of meat. Afterward, they are hung outdoor, on a rope, exposed to sunlight, in a way that they can absorb enough light and air, covering with a special cloth to prevent from the dust. When the meat dried, it is preserved in a haversack out of the refrigerator and can be cooked in different ways with a combination of rice as Estanboli (Baluchi Estanboli).

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