Street food in Tehran


Tehran is home to various kinds of food and drinks; it’s the place to try traditional Persian food such as “Kebab” and “Dizi” but you can find great Italian, Turkish, Chinese and Indian dishes as well. In every part of the capital you can see great, luxury and cozy restaurants and cafés. But if you want to have a unique food experience, something very traditional in Tehran, I advise you to go to the one of the oldest and famous streets in the city center “Sie-tir”. It is home to the most important museum of Tehran “National Museum of Iran” where you shouldn’t miss during your trip to beautiful Iran.

Right in front of the museum there is a small food market with different food stalls which is more popular at night. After finishing your visit to the museum, having a taste of different Iranian cuisine in this street market is very much recommended. 

There you can find a wide variety of food for instance “zereshk polo ba morgh” (rice and buries, saffron served with chicken stew), “Fesenjan” (a relatively sweet stew made with either chicken or meat bulbs, pomegranate sauce, grinded walnuts, and fried onion served with rice), there are other options such as different Persian soups or as it is called here “Ash”. And some vegetarian food such as “Falafel”, “kashak o badenjan” (a dish made with aubergine and specific dairy product).

persian drinks

Besides, you can have some Persian drinks after your meal “sharbate  khakshir” (which is a mixture of  London rocket seeds, saffron, lemon and syrup), “Tokhme sharbatri” (chia seeds, rose water and syrup), “Doogh” or yoghurt drink  which are the most recommended drinks to cool you down in hot summer days.   

Apart from these you can order a cup of tea or coffee and select a piece of various kinds of cake from stalls in the market and enjoy it in the side walk at night. 

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