Kale Pache (Head and Legs of Sheep)


Kale Pache is one of the Iranian traditional food not only served in some special restaurants called "Kale Pazi" or "Tabbakhi", but also it is a popular food among families. This food cooks in the Middle East and southern Caucasus in the same way as Iran. "Kale Pache" is the name of this food in both Iran and Turkey; however, it is called "Pache" in Arabian countries and "Khāsh" in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. A unit of Kale Pache includes one head of sheep and different parts of his body, such as meat, tongue, brain, Banā Goosh (the meat in front of the ear), eye, face and four legs of sheep. Kale Pache is a kind of food which needs a long time to cook and should be baked over a gentle heat mixed with onion, peas, spice (salt, turmeric and pepper).

12 hours after its cooking and cooling time, its oil and bones should be completely separated from the edible parts and the food is prepared to serve. The water of this food is usually eaten as an appetizer. Serving orange and Lemon along with this food is not only suggested for adding a unique flavor, but also because of Antioxidant. In addition to normal times, Kale Pache is cooked in different feasts, happy times or mourning ceremonies after sacrificing the sheep. Eating this food in summer and tropical regions is harmful for human health and its serving is mostly suggested during cold seasons. It is better Kale Pache to be eaten as breakfast or lunch and it is not an appropriate meal for dinner. Also, this food is not suggested for those who are sick because it is known as a cholesterol-rich and high-fat food, although it is filled with protein and vitamin.

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