Kalam Polo Shirazi


Fars province is one of the historical provinces of Iran, which is best-known for the unique civilization and extraordinary monuments. Shiraz has been the capital of Fars from past to present and therefore, it embraces many traditional, local and delicious foods reflecting a part of climate, culture, custom and the lifestyle of the people in this region. Kalam polo is one of these Iranian traditional foods cooked in most Iranian families but with a completely different taste in Fars province from the other regions of the country. Its smell and taste is exceptionally pleasant because of having different local vegetables. Spending so much time and being patience is the necessary condition for cooking Kalam Polo. Rice, kohlrabi, vegetables (tarragon, dill, basil and leek), minced meat and chickpea flour are the ingredients of this food. Meatball (minced meat with chickpea flour and onion fried in the form of tiny balls), chopped and cooked kohlrabi are usually added to Polo. This original and delicious food is usually served with yogurt and vegetables.

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