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Jegar Voz


Grilled liver is one of the most popular foods in all parts of Iran and Jegar Voz, a kind of grilled liver, is one of the highly popular foods in Ilam and Lorestan provinces. There is a same food as Jegar Voz in the other parts of the world such as South Africa with different taste and style. In fact, Jegar Voz is the pieces of liver of sheep flavored with salt and a thin layer of fat from the lamb’s belly called Voz (covering the liver in animal's belly). Voz is turned around the liver and grilled over gentle heat of the charcoal. Liver is sometimes undercooked over the charcoal at first, and then the fat turned around and cooking continues. During this process Voz melts and penetrates gradually into the liver; so, the resulted flavor and smell will be astonishing because of its fatty nature. Jegar Voz is usually dished out along with lemon, tomato, bread or rice and also basil, pepper and Doogh, as well.

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