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Dande Kebab


Dande Kebab (lamb ribs kebab) is one of the original, official and delicious Kebabs in Kermanshah which can be considered as one of the most famous, delicious and popular foods in this province.

Kabab Dande is a food like Shishlik with different taste cooked with special method in most restaurants, especially those around Taq-e Bostan. Kabab Dande contains a large amount of lamb ribs which is cut as wide as four Koobideh Kebabs and broiled in a certain way.  Kermanshahi chefs prepare a sauce with combination of tomato paste, salt, pepper, lemon juice and saffron and pour it on kebabs repeatedly during the cooking and preparation process. After cooking the food it can be served with rice or bread decorated with onion, lemon or the sour orange.

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