Boz Ghorme


The desert region of Kerman province is so rich in terms of traditional and local foods in addition to its cultural attractions. Boz Ghorme is the name of a local and extremely popular food in Kerman. Boz Ghorme is a famous food with amazing taste and strange name taken from the tasty meat of goat in combination with the other ingredients in the past which has been today replaced by the lamb meat. This popular food is also a typical lunch among the people of Kerman. Delicious food of Boz Ghorme is prepared from the ingredients such as peas, onion, boneless meat, whey, salt, pepper, turmeric and its cooking takes a little times. Boz Ghorme can be plated out in a dish and decorated with fried garlic, mint and saffron. Kerman’s people serve this traditional food as Khoresh with bread or rice in addition to Bam date and local vegetables.

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