Ash-e Doogh


Ardabil is one of the coldest cities in Iran featuring several traditional and local foods compatible with the special climatic conditions. There is a variety of Ashs and soft foods here because of the low air temperature. Ash-e Doogh is one of the most famous and most popular traditional and original foods of Ardabil province, which is cooked in some other provinces of Iran such as Shiraz, Kurdistan, Azarbaijan, Qazvin, and Hamedan, as well.  Cooking Ash-e Doogh is slightly different in each region in terms of method and ingredient and it also can be served as a starter. Eating this simple white delicious Ash is greatly enjoyable in cold seasons, especially in cold nights of autumn and winter and we can follow the traces of this Ash in most cold tourism regions. Ardabil’s Ash-e Doogh is highly nourishing and healthy with a sour taste and good smell; it is also an extremely popular and cost-efficient food favored among all Ardabil families. The main foodstuff here is the chickpea, rice, vegetables (e.g. leek, parsley, and dill), local sour Doogh, salt, fresh pepper, and garlic. Ash-e Doogh is sometimes served together with minced meat mixed and fried with a little onion and salt without any turmeric as a small ball.

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