Albaloo Polo  


Albaloo Polo (Persian: آلبالوپلو, [Ālbālū Polo]) is delicious and colorful food. This food is often served as ceremonial food at parties and celebrations, thanks to its beautiful appearance. However, it is easier to prepare than most of the superb dishes.

Albaloo Polo has a smooth and sweet taste. This dish is made with both red meat and chicken, each of which can be delicious and pleasant. Cooks choose one of which is based on their taste. Also, to preserve the color of the sour cherries, part of the cooking process should be done in a copper or glazed dish.

Sour cherry is a fruit native to southwest Asia and Europe. It is a species of Cherries with the difference that it is more colorful and has a sour taste. This fruit is also grown in most parts of Iran. Sour cherry is among the fruits that have a lot of nutritional value, which improves health. Among its health-giving properties, we can mention quenching thirst, reducing high blood pressure, antiemetic, against kidney stones disease, and appetite suppressant. Having substances such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and various vitamins to treat inflammation of the kidneys, liver disorders, stomach, and intestines is very useful.

Albaloo Polo, which is more of a seasonal dish, has more fans in the summer than any other dish. The background of this traditional Iranian food is unknown. It has different recipes in the central and northern parts of Iran, and its cooking increases every year with the beginning of the summer season and the crop of sour cherries. Also, sour cherries are stored in the summer as jams and frozen for the winter, and Iranians can enjoy the unique aroma and flavor of this food in other seasons as well. However, without a doubt, Iranian Albaloo Polo made with fresh sour cherries is tastier.

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