Dishliq Āš (Dndoonak)


This Āš (an Iranian soup-like food which is sometimes transliterated as Aush or Āsh or Aush) is one of the traditional cuisines in Zanjan province which has been cooking in its most cities and surrounding villages since the past. With regard to the reason of making his food, it is stated that it is served in celebration of the eruption of baby's first primary tooth. People believe that if they do not make this Āš for celebrating the first tooth, the development of their other teeth will get difficult. Therefore, they insist on keeping with this tradition in which Dishliq Āš is distributed among neighbors in return for some gift as wishing health for the baby. Veal, chickpea, bean, lentil, veal bone, onion, wheal (prepared for Halim), turmeric, salt, oil, cinnamon and curry powder are the main ingredients of this Āš.  

The recipe is as follows:

Onion is fried as first step while adding some turmeric and curry powder along with wheal heating them for two hours. Veal and veal bone are cooked at the same time inside another pot for three hours. Then, the tendered veal mixed with the water of the bone are added to the prepared wheal. The next step is adding bean and chickpeas which have been already washed and soaked in water to other ingredients to be cooked over a low heat about two hours more. The last bean is lentil and after a little boiling Āš is ready to serve. 

In this food, the primary ingredients are fixed and other ingredients cannot be used as a substitute for the main ingredients. The required time for making Dishliq Aush to be completely cooked is about eight hours or even more based on your taste. 


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