Traditional Cloths of South Khorasan

Traditional Cloths of South Khorasan

South Khorasan province is located in the east of Iran and it reaches to Sistan and Baluchestan and Kerman from the south, to Razavi Khorasan from the north, to Yazd and Isfahan from the west, to Semnan from the northwest and to Yazd from the southwest. It also shares land border with Afghanistan country from the east.  Due to its special position on the communicational lines of the southern provinces of Iran with Mashhad, it is the place where different ethnic groups travel and stay, such as Baluch. Today, using the traditional clothes in this province is restricted to some villages and the urban people don’t follow this tradition.

Based on the season, women wear a kind of kerchief that is locally called Charqat being put on the head in from of a triangle. They sometimes tighten a piece of fabric, named Dasmal Sar, over the kerchief. It is typically produced in dark colors. However, in special occasions like the wedding ceremony Dasmal Sar has a happy color like red. They wear a hat or beret under their kerchief and call it Araqchi. Qadifeh and Kish are kinds of semi-Chador clothing and of the main headwear of South Khorasan Women. The main clothes of them is a dress with three buttons in front, that reaches to the lower back. Pachin is a fabric that is tightened around the leg. And they wear a short coat and a vest over their dress and tie a fabric shawl around their waist. A folded long skirt is the main part of these women’s clothing. Yal that is a longer vest and Shaliteh or the folded short skirt are also popular among them. They wear a leather footwear with bone heel that is called Tablak-e Ostokhani. However, Giveh, Gorji, Orsi and Galesh are also used by them.

Men wear a long jacket and a shawl for their head. The coloring of women’s clothing is happy such as green, red or blue. It also should be said that weaving a special kind of socks namely Seven-color socks is popular in Birjand. Among different parts of this province, the village of Chensht is famous in terms of local cloths. It is located in Sarbisheh country.

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