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Traditional Clothes of Yazd Province


Yazd province is one of the widest provinces of Iran. Its capital city is Yazd. Yazd reaches to South Khorasan from the north and northeast to Sistan and Baluchestan from east and southeast, to Fars from the south and to Isfahan from west and northwest. According to the statistics, the overwhelming population of this province are Fars. Zoroastrians are also very important in terms of the religious variety of this province. It is especially important in studying the styles of clothing, too.  Yazd women wear a short dress that has loose sleeves. They wear it along with pants and a Shaliteh over that. They use kerchief instead of scarf for headdress. Yazdi kerchief is produced in different types such as Morvarid lace, Ashrafi lace, Khiabani lace and flowered Chit. They put on a Chador over all other clothes and choose among shoes like Na’leyn, Orsi, Galesh, Rasi, Giveh, Nosarch Galesh, Sannari heel and high-heeled shoes. They also use Chaghchoor that is a clothing like pants worn from the ankle upward and is a kind of Hijab. There are some pieces of white fabric for masking the face that reaches to the waist. Men wear a white shirt sewed from calico that is simple and has loose sleeves. The collar of this shirt is closed on the shoulder using an additional piece of fabric. They wear pants made of white calico, burlap or fustian named Tonboon, in which a strip is used instead of button, belt or zipper. Beret is one of the main headdresses of Yaz men that is sometimes decorated with hand. They use various shawls such as Herati, fimbriate and creamy instead of the hat. Garment, Alkhaliq, Aba and dolman are popular clothing of men in Yazd. They wear Alkhaliq under the garment and Aba over that. They also tighten a shawl around the waist and use shoes like Melki Giveh, Chinese Giveh and Na’leyn. Zoroastrian men have a clothing including a headband, an underdress named Sedreh, an overdress to the knee with a shawl around the waist, white pants and the regular shoes existed in the market. Their women wear a headdress similar to the port hat, a loose white Sedreh with short sleeves indicating Good Thoughts, Mola dress with round collar, straight pants and slashed cuffs, a scarf of 3.5 meter of length and one meters of width, pants with appliqued legs as well as the normal shoes.

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