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Traditional Clothes of West Azerbaijan Province

Traditional Clothes of West Azerbaijan Province

West Azerbaijan Province is located in the northwest of Iran and its capital city is Urmia. The province has a mountainous weather and because of its juxtaposition with several Turk and Kurd provinces and being co-border with Turkey country, it is the place of coexisting Iran different tribes and nomads. Two Turk and Kurd tribes are more famous than other different tribes and religions who live there, each with a special traditional clothing. The traditional clothes of this region have been mostly faded as an everyday dress specially in urban areas and they are just used on special occasions and rituals. However, the villagers and nomads are still faithful to this kind of clothing. Turk women wear a patterned colorful dress called Keras with a vest over it, decorated with embroidery and fancywork. The rule of covering the whole body is considered in the clothing of Turk women and, to do so, they wear a pants that reaches to the ankle; It is named Darpa. The shawl that is tighten around the waist is Poshtband. Their hat is named Taaskol. The fabric used for sewing the dress is mostly satin, taffeta, muslin, cashmere or velvet. It is interesting that the clothing of women in this area shows their age and marital status. For example, the youngers use brighter colors and older women tight a headband over their scarf that is called Yayliq. A white pants, with the same name as women’s pants, is the main part of men’s clothing in this region. They wear another pants over it called Shalehkil. Pooshi is a black piece of fabric that they tight around their waist. They wear a wool coat over the Keras during the winters. The clothing of Kurd people in this region consists of a wool or cotton blouse, a loose pants with tight legs named Pantool, a long sleeves shirt with additional piece of fabric in the wrist, a shawl around the waist, Qafian or puttee, in white, black, grey or brown colors. They use Deshlameh, Mandil, Sarvin or headband as their headwear. Using bright colors is the main feature of traditional clothing of Kurd women in West Azerbaijan province. They wear a loose silk pants, a vest over their dress named Kalanjeh, along with a decorated hat or scarf for covering their head namely Kalkeh.

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