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Traditional Clothes of Hamedan Province


Hamedan is one of the western provinces of Iran restricted to Markazi, Kermanshah, Kordestan, Zanjan and Qazvin provinces. Although most of the population of Hamedan is Farsi-speaker and from Fars tribe, its special location among several Turk, Kurd and Lur provinces brings a mixed population to this region. Many nomads also spend their Yaylaq in this area, which is the hillsides of Alvand, because of its good weather. Interesting among them are Yarmtaghlu, Torkashvand, Shahsavan, Kolivand, Mughan, Jamur ethnic groups, and etc. Hamedan women wear a kerchief that is famous as Saraki among the Kurds of the region. It is usually seen in black and has red patterns. They put on a beret or Shadeh under the scarf. Mask was popular in the past and has been outdated today. The main dress of them is a long sleeves and closed dress that reaches to the knee and named Kevink. They wear a satin or velvet vest decorated with coins and detailed embroidery over the Kevink. A short folded skirt named Shoval Qeri is the lower body clothing of women in Hamedan under which they wear pants named Toombal. In order to keep warm in the winters they wear masculine coats named Arkhaliq. Orsi, Saqari and Galesh are the main footwear in this city. Totally, there is no special difference between feminine and masculine clothing in Hamedan. Men wear different kinds of woolen and linen hats in different colors. Kelav Kerki, Ganje Boork, Dari Boorj, Ip Boork are other men’s head dresses that are used in different situations. Kevink or Keras, in Kurdish, is the main dress of men that have a mullah collar and reaches to the knee. They also use vest, Sardari, pants or Shoval, Don, Qova and Kerk in their clothing. In past times when the local products were widely used, Hamedan men wore a Charooq that was created in Asadabad and named Aji. Giveh or Kalash were popular among Turks that was called Takhte-Joorab. Galesh was another footwear of Hamedan men. Also, it should be said that the special Giveh produced in Malayer is famous in this region that is called Ajideh.

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