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Traditional Clothes of Gilan Province

Traditional Clothes of Gilan Province

Gilan is the place of one of the most important pre-historical sites of Iran, Marlik. The materials discovered here indicate the antiquity of using the jewelries with clothing and also the special form of clothes among the women of this region. Gilan is the northern province of Iran that has a pleasant weather, beautiful and generous nature; The factors influencing on all other cultural dimensions of its inhabitants. Therefore, the local clothing of this region is considered to be inspired by the nature in which not only the happy and brilliant colors show this relationship, but also the natural colors were the only materials used for colorizing these clothes until recently. The shiny red color and the horizontal colorful ribbons are the main indicators of Gilan women’s clothing. They wear a scarf named Mandil along with a hat that is decorated with coin embroidery in the forehead. They put on a typically white scarf over that. The dress of women is red and it has two slashes over which they wear a long folded Shaliteh. The skirt is decorated with horizontal colorful ribbons. They wear a vest over the dress that is also embroidered. It also should be said that three different clothes of Qasemabad, Talesh and Rasoukh are respectively related to three eastern, western and central parts of the province. Gilak men has a clothing composed of a dress, vest, dark pants named Cherodari, Qadak, Tang-e Tuman and Dij as well as a local footwear. They put on the felt hat and their dress is red and collarless. They tighten a shawl around their waist that is patterned. The mountain’s shepherds use a woolen hat named Koola and Shoola. A cloak named Chookha is popular among Gilan’s men and a footwear named Chamoosh. This footwear is made of leather and is very useful in mountainous regions. Charoogh, Orsi, Giveh, Galesh boot, boot and Chiktoot as well as a sandal named Katleh are among other footwear of Gilak men that is used based on the season and occasion. The pants of Gilan men are named Sholar and it is tight in legs.

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