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Isfahan Traditional Clothes


Isfahan province is located in the center of Iran and its capital city is Isfahan. Because of its central position it has shared borders with many of other important province of Iran: Semnan and Qom from the north, Yazd from the east and southeast, Fars from the south, Kogiluyeh and Buyer Ahmad from the southwest, Lorestan from the west, Markazi from the northwest and North Khorasan from the northeast. This geographical position along with the immigration of people from other regions leads to a cultural diversity in Isfahan. The warm weather is also effective on the clothing of the inhabitants. All this along with the rich historical background and its universal fame have made Isfahan one of the most important regions of Iran for studying the traditional clothing. In addition to Fars people, other inhabitants of this province are Bakhtiaris, Turks, Armenians, Georgians. Therefore, the research has recognized about 32 styles of local clothing such as the original Isfahani clothing, Isfahani-Bakhtiari clothing, Abyaneh clothing, Boldaji clothing, Varzaneh clothing, Jarqavieh clothing and Gaz clothing. There is no detailed information on all of these kinds. However, we know that the original Isfahani clothing for women consists of a creamy dress, a short folded red velvet skirt, and a bright kerchief. Isfahan men wear a white shirt with loose sleeves, a short black vest, a felt hat, and a shawl around their waist. They use a long garment in the winter. Abyaneh clothing is the most considerable traditional costumes of Isfahan. This 1500-year-old village, near Kashan, is one of the most significant tourism attractions of this region in which the preservation of the traditional clothes from its beginning is one of the main attractions. Here the men wear a felt hat, a shirt named Arkhleq, a garment, some loose pants made of burlap or fustian and they wear Giveh. Chamoosh and leather shoes, Termeh clock and a geographically patterned conic hat. From the Safavid era afterward, women in Abyaneh wear a kerchief of 1.5 meter length, in form of a triangular scarf; it is usually produced in white color and has big flowers. The women tights this scarf using a pin underneath the chin. A highly decorated dress which reaches to the knee and has two slashed, one at each side, and a highly folded skirt or Shaliteh that reaches to the knee made typically of black fabrics are other parts of women clothing in Abyaneh. This fabric is about 7-8 meters of length and is sewed in form of some pants. They wear a handwoven cotton socks under this pants and Giveh or Chamoosh are their main footwear.

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