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The Colorful Autumn of Golestan

The Colorful Autumn of Golestan



The Colorful Autumn of Golestan

Day 1

The reason for writing this article is visiting one of the World Heritage Sites of Iran called Hyrcanian Forests. Hyrcanian Forests has been inscribed by UNESCO as the 24th attraction of Iran. The Hyrcanian forests are the second-largest natural monument in Iran after the Lut Desert. In this article, we suggest visiting these ancient forests via Golestan province. The city of Gorgan is the destination, which fortunately is easily accessible. Gorgan has an airport and also hosts one of the oldest railway stations.
In addition to unique and untamed forest landscapes, there are significant historical monuments. Baqeri-Ha House, Jama Mosque (congregational mosque), local and historical Nalbandan Market can be named but a few. The mentioned monuments are all located in the old part of Gorgan and at a short distance within easy walking distance. Taqavi-Ha House is another historical house of Gorgan that can be included in your itinerary.
Some of the handicrafts of the province, such as Turkmen Rug, are world-famous. If you are enthusiastic about handicrafts, you will take pleasure in visiting Amir Latifi’s house. This house, which is a remnant of the Qajar period (1789-1925), now hosts the Gorgan Handicrafts Museum. By going to this attraction, you can kill two birds with one stone. You will find delight in its architecture and the displayed handicrafts. 
For those who enjoy visiting the historical houses, we suggest paying a visit to Kabir House. This beautiful house is located in the old neighborhood of Gorgan city. 
Gorgan has an ancient history. You can feel this sense in the Gogan Archaeological Museum, also known as the Gorgan Museum. 
If you set off early in the morning and proceed with the itinerary, you will probably have the opportunity to go to the Emadyieh School in Gorgan. This building is one of the most stunning buildings of the Safavid era (1501-1736) in this area. 
While exploring this city, drop by the Gorgan Tower. This gorgeous tower is known as the second tallest modern urban tower after the Milad Tower in Iran.

Day 2
On the second day of the trip, travel to the heart of the Hyrcanian Forests. To watch and soak up the colorful autumn of Golestan, it is enough to visit one of the most eye-catching forest areas of the region, namely the Nahar-Khoran Forest. These forests are more than 40 million. 




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