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Zoroastrian Dakhma of Yazd

Zoroastrian Dakhma of Yazd


Zoroastrian Dakhma of Yazd

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The Zoroastrian Dakhma of Yazd city (Persian: دخمه زرتشتیان), also known as Tower of Silence, is one of the great and historical attractions of this city, built in the southeast of Yazd city and near Safaeeyeh district on a sedimentary hill. This attraction consists of two stone mansions called Maneckji Hataria (Indian Zoroastrian) and Golestan. Maneckji Dakhma is older, and Golestan Dakhma dates back to the Qajar period (1789-1925).
After the Islamization of Iran, Zoroastrianism, one of the ancient religions of Iran, continued to exist as one of the religious minorities. Zoroastrian ritual exposure of the dead, also known as Dakhma Gozari, was performed in these Dakhmas. These days, the remains of this ritual can be found in Yazd and Kerman province. As time passed, and for various social, cultural, and health reasons, since 1941-1951, the burial of Zoroastrian dead is done similar to the death burial of Islam (putting the corpses in graves).
The Zoroastrian Dakhma of Yazd and similar examples was a place to leave the dead bodies. The four natural elements in Zoroastrianism are soil, water, fire, and air, and in this religion, it is not permissible to pollute them. The dead body should be placed at the disposal of scavengers, on top of the Tower of Silence. The tombs also had three separate sections for women, men, and children, and the bodies of each placed in their place. In the past, these Dakhmas were built far from the city because the pollution did not penetrate the city.
The best time to visit this area is spring and early autumn. However, due to the location of Yazd city in the desert region, you will experience bitterly cold nights in autumn and winter. Other attractions around Zoroastrian Dakhmas include Dowlat Abad Garden, Jama Mosque, Historic city of Yazd, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Yazd, Lari-Ha Mansion, Shesh Badgiri Reservoir Water, Alexander’s Prison, Shrine of Davazdah Imams, Yazd Water Museum, Bustan-e Naji.

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