Zayanderud River

Zayanderud River

Zayanderud River

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Zayanderud is one of the main rivers of Iran that has given life to many parts of our country, as obvious by its name which means “birth giver”. This river has other names in different sources, too, like Zenderud (alive river), Zendrud, Zarrinrud (golden river) or Zarrinerud.

Zayanderud has been formed as the result of joining different origins together. The main origin of this river is located on the hillsides of Zardkuh of Bakhtiari between Isfahan and Lorestan provinces. Other origins like Kuhrang, Cham Darreh, Dimeh spring also flow into Zayanderud and finally passing through Zagros mountains this roaring river moves to the east and enters the central parts of the country.

The main part of the unique fame of Zayanderud is certainly due to passing through Isfahan and its historical bridges of this city. Although other bridges have been established over Zayanderud in other cities as well, the variety and beauty of Isfahan historical bridges have tied the name of the city to the name of Zayanderud. These historical bridges were built in Safavid era and have approximately 400-year-old antiquity. However, there are other bridges that were built over the river out of Isfahan and are famous, too. Zaman Khan bridge in Saman city is one of the most famous bridges on Zayanderud out of Isfahan province.

Interesting among the best-known bridges of Zayanderud are Si-o-Se Pol and Khaju Bridge; Two historical bridges that are now of the main historical attractions of Isfahan. Si-o-Se Pol and Khaju Bridge are not only the host of many Iranian and foreigner tourists every year, but also they are considered to be a promenade for Isfahan people. Shahrestan Bridge, Marnan Bridge and Choobi Bridge are other historical bridges of Isfahan.

Approximately most of the path of Zayanderud is placed inside Isfahan on two sides of which some green spaces and resorts have been provided. There are also many gardens on two sides of this river in Saman city where some tourism establishments have been prepared in recent years.

Passing Zayanderud through different provinces has flourished new sports like rafting (boating on the roaring water) you can find one of the most accessible ones along Zaman Khan Bridge in Saman city.

Taking apart the tourism issues, Zayanderud plays a crucial role in the water supply of Isfahan and some of the neighboring provinces so that living without Zayanderud is unimaginable for people.

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