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Tomb of Baba Yadegar

Tomb of Baba Yadegar


Tomb of Baba Yadegar


Tomb of Baba Yadegar is located in Zardeh, a village in Ban Zardeh Rural District, 48 km of Kerendis, forty-five kilometers of Dalahu County, and can be discovered in Rijab, Kermanshah Province. Being registered in the list of the national heritage of Iran, this tomb is near the Yazdegerd castle and it is situated on the hillside of Sarane Mountain.

Surrounded by Kouh-e-Kamar in the north, Rijab rural district in the south, Dalahu Mountain in the east, and Dasht-e Zahab in the west, Zardeh has seventeen springs and two aqueducts.

The village of Zardeh has two parts: Zardeh and Ban Gombad. More than one thousand and two hundred inhabitants of Zardeh Village speak in one of Kurdish dialects, Hawrami, and they believe in Yarsanism.  They are farmers, ranchers, and gardeners. Around this village, oak, pomegranate, walnut, ash, olive, almond, fig, clove, cotoneaster, speedwells, and garden cress can be found as the vegetation.

The tomb of Baba Yadegar and some of the elders of Yarsanism are situated on top of Dalahu Mountain, next to Hanita and Ghaslan spring (Howz of Kawthar), with old trees nearby, one thousand and three hundred meters higher than sea level. This monument has been established in 8th century SH.

It is a Chahartaqi monument with a foursquare plan and a dome. All four walls are made of bricks and are seven meters long. It is clear that it has been renovated recently and there are white stone veneers on the facades. Its door is installed in the eastern Iwan (porch). There are mirror work decorations from the Qajar dynasty on the Iwan. In the monument, there exist three niches and the courtyard, and inner part of the tomb has been rebuilt by marble. It is written in the Ghavameddin’s deed of endowment that the Tomb of Baba Yadegar has also been rebuilt in the 10th century AH and entitled mansion of Zard-e-Bazdjerdi.

Baba Yadegar means one of the elders of Yarsanism in Baveh Yar native dialect. It has been said that Baba Yadegar, also called Yar-e-Zardeh Bam, Shah-e-Yadegar, Par-e-Rangineh, Pir-e-Narges Cham, had been to India and Pakistan by Sultan Sahak’s decree to promote Yarsanism. In Yarsanism, it is believed that Baba Yadegar has been killed and was buried here.

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