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Tarik-Darreh Ski Resort

Tarik-Darreh Ski Resort


Tarik-Darreh Ski Resort

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Tarik-Darreh ski resort (Persian: پیست اسکی تاریک دره [Tarik Darreh]) in Hamedan city, the center of Hamedan province enjoys excellent facilities in Iran. Tarik-Darreh is located ten kilometers southwest of Ganjnameh, on the slopes of Alvand Mountain. In this complex, advanced facilities and services have been provided for all kinds of winter sports. Tarik-Darreh ski resort is one of the most popular sports and winter tourism attractions for Iranian and foreign visitors. Tarik-Darreh ski resort takes third place in advanced services of ski resorts in Iran, after Dizin ski resort and Shemshak ski resort.

This complex, at an altitude of about 2450 to 3000 meters, has provided a very pleasant and suitable atmosphere in all seasons for those who are enthusiastic about climbing. Tarik-Darreh ski resort, also called Alvand ski resort, has come into operation since 1985. Since that time, it is known as a hidden paradise, thanks to its sport, welfare, accommodation facilities. The Alvand complex consists of three main sections: the restaurant complex, the ski school, and the complex of ski and lifts. Visitors can use the equipment of the Tarik-Darreh ski resort all days of the week. Snowfall in this area begins around December and continues until April.

In the seasons that there is no snowfall, grass skiing facilities are provided in the complex. The proximity to natural springs and rivers, green space, and tall trees in Ganjnameh complex, pleasant places for hiking and climbing, makes this area one of the natural attractions of Hamedan as well. Proximity to the urban area, well-equipped shelters, restaurants and dining halls, ski school, lifting equipment, conference hall, ski equipment store, all at an advanced level, make this complex unique among other similar examples. To reach the Alvand ski resort, you should drive ten kilometers on the mountainous and attractive Ganjnameh route through the old Tuyserkan road. If you have decided to travel to this area, do not forget to visit the Ganjnameh waterfall and Ganjnameh inscription in its vicinity.

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