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Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse


Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse

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Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse (Persian: حمام سلطان امیر احمد, [Hammam-e Sultan Amir Ahmad]) is a historical bathhouse located in Kashan, Isfahan province. Based on the relicts left by the earthquake, this bathhouse is attributed to the Seljuk period (1037- 1153), but Sarbineh or the dressing hall was constructed during the Qajar era (1789 - 1925). Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse is famous for its unique architecture. The architecture and decorations used in this bathhouse have made this monument a valuable artwork, visited by many tourists yearly. The bathhouse is named after Imamzadeh Sultan Amir Ahmad, whose mausoleum is nearby. The bathhouse initially became a traditional restaurant, but soon it turned into a museum. The water of this bathhouse was supplied from two wells and was sent to different parts with ceramic pipes.
If you are passionate about Iranian historical attractions and architecture, be sure to include Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse of Kashan on your itinerary. The arched ceilings and exquisite mosaics and paintings of this bathhouse attract those who are interested in architecture. A large octagonal hall with an octagonal pool forms the space of Sarbineh or the same place for changing clothes in the bathhouse. The main area enjoys private bathrooms. To visit the private bathrooms from Sarbineh, you need to go through labyrinthine corridors. The interior of the bathhouse is decorated with turquoise and gold tilework, plasterwork, and artistic paintings. The roof of the bathhouse is made of multiple domes. This domed roof is also fascinating and always attracts many photographers and tourists.
Since Sultan Amira Ahmad Bathhouse is situated in Kashan, it is better to travel in the middle of spring or early autumn. Hence, you can see other attractions of Kashan and not be bothered by the desert and hot weather of this city. Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse is located in the historic area of Kashan city. Many historical attractions of this city are nearby. Therefore, you can go to other sights by visiting the bathhouse. Boroujerdis’ Historical House, Tabatabai House, Abbasi House, Ameri-Ha House, Imam Mosque, Bakuchi House, and Agha Bozorg School and Mosque can be named among the other sights which you can get within easy walking.
To go to Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, first of all, you need to reach Kashan. There are public transportation and taxis for Alavi street, where the bathhouse is located, to reach the bathhouse easily and without any hassle. A private car is another way to get to this attractive bathhouse.

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