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Shiraz Luna Park

Shiraz Luna Park


Shiraz Luna Park

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If you visit Shiraz, be sure to visit Luna Park (Luna Amusement Park) in Shiraz. This park was built at the northern entrance to Shiraz, and it is near the Quran Gate, which this location has added to its beauty. Shiraz Luna Park, dating back three decades, is located next to the Shiraz Grand Hotel and on the side of a mountain.
It is in a mountainous area, and a good climate has been doubled the park's attractiveness. If you want to see the city from a high altitude, Luna Park is a good choice. There is a large parking lot around this amusement park, so you will not have difficulty finding parking. Luna Park is full of exciting games for all ages. Of course, games are categorized and separated from each other according to the difference in ages. There are many pavilions and supermarkets in the park that provide welfare.  Besides, you can find maquettes of historical elements of Shiraz. Exciting games such as Laser tags, wind-sensitive structures, and pavilions create a happy and exciting atmosphere to have fun. The park is home to more than 50 recreational facilities. One of the most important ones is a carousel which has been built there since the park has been constructed.  The city of Shiraz is under your feet when reaching the maximum height. Also, the park has a space devoted just for women. There are many restaurants near this park that will make you feel comfortable when you go there.
Luna Park is being located near some important tourist attractions of Shiraz, so you have access to visit other attractive places at the same time. Quran Gate, Haft-Tanan Museum, and Tang Allah Akbar are some of these places. The tomb of Khajoo Kermani and the tomb of Baba Koohi Shirazi are near the Quran Gate. Hafezieh is located south of the Quran Gate. Jahannama Garden is another attraction around Luna Park and the Quran Gate.
Shiraz Luna amusement Park is open at all hours of the day until midnight. Of course, in previous years, this park was not active in winter. Be sure to make sure of it before visiting. Spring and especially May are the best time to travel to Shiraz, but autumn is also spectacular. Therefore, we recommend you to see this beautiful city in autumn as well.

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