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Shekarab Waterfall

Shekarab Waterfall


Shekarab Waterfall

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The walking path from Ahar Village to Shekarab Village, located along the Ushan Road, in the Rudbar-e Ghasran Rural District, is one of the popular tourism destinations during spring and summertime.

As one begins his journey, he reached Shekarab Waterfall after about two hours of walking. This waterfall has been formed by the sudden change of the form of the ground in the path of Ahar River. Ahar River originates from Sandogh Chal water spring and eventually flows into Jajrud River.

There are two shrines in the gardens of Shekarab that trace back to Qajar dynasty. These shrines are attributed to two Imamzadeh, immediate descendant of a Shi'i Imam in the Persian language, named Taher and Zahed. The building of the shrines has a tower and a double dome, under which there is a great hall. The outer surface of the walls has been covered by a layer of Marmarit stone. This stone can be seen in black with white threads.

Taher and Zahed shrines are considered the resting area for the climbers that can be used along Ahar – Shekarab path. If one decides to go to Shekarab Waterfall, they should walk the path until reaching two pathways. The right one leads to the waterfall. It should not be left out that the path on the left can be used to climb Tochal Mountain. After walking for another ten minutes of the path on the right, Shekarab Waterfall, with a height more than ten meters, can be seen in the heart of a green plain.

In addition to Shekarab Waterfall, there is another seasonal waterfall known as Chehel Peleh. It is located in the foothills of Qal-eh Dokhtar, close to Shekarab Waterfall. Chehel Peleh, in fact, consists of multiple local waterfalls.

To go to Ahar and then Shekarab, the visitor should travel Lashkarak and then Fasham Road. After passing Hajiabad and Ushan villages, they would reach to Ahar. There is another way to go there, although it is more difficult. It is a pathway from the northern foothills of Tochal Mountain to Ahar. This path takes more time and includes seven hours of walking on foot.

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