Sardabeh Waterfall

Sardabeh Waterfall

Ardabil city is well-known as having multiple tourism attractions including waterfalls and various hot water springs. Sardabeh waterfall is placed on the mountainside of Sabalan, close to the hot water spring of Sardabeh.

This waterfall is placed twenty-eight kilometers west of Ardabil city inside a village with same name. the water of the spring that nourishes the waterfall originates from the height of 1840 meters from sea level.

While moving toward the waterfall, you will enjoy the beautiful nature of Sardabeh village with green hills, landscapes of colorful flowers and grain fields. The surrounding area of the waterfall is covered in fend, moss and other aquatic plants’ vegetation that covers the overall stone walls.

The waterfall is approximately twenty meters of heights and its temperature is about 35 degrees Celsius. The water of this waterfall appears transparent and it is somewhat sour and smells like sulfur. The water is constituted of different chemical elements and compositions such as sodium, calcium, sulfate and bicarbonate. Sardabeh waterfall is permanently flowing and rainfall and groundwater increase the volume of water in the waterfall.

The existence of Sardabeh hot water spring is also another reason for the reputation of this region. This hot water spring that is locally called Sari Dava, that literary means a yellow drug, has various healing effects. Sardabeh hot water spring includes high amount of carbonic gas and therefore, it is used in healing diseases like jaundice.

The landscape of this region is not only interesting for tourists, but also it is highly wonderful for those photographers and documentary filmmakers who are seeking a pristine and colorful nature to record and take photographs of.

Sardabeh village is considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in the west of Iran because of the existence of this spectacular 30-meter waterfall and seven hot water springs, in addition to many other pure and pristine attractions that are placed in the heart of a magnificent nature. It is the host of many tourist and guests from all around the country and all across the world every year.

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