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Samimi Mansion in Ramhormoz

Samimi Mansion in Ramhormoz


Samimi Mansion in Ramhormoz


Ramhormoz is a city in Khuzestan province, 100kilometers far from the capital city of the province. It has a long history and was a prospered city in Sassanid era. Samimi mansion in Ramhormz is one of the remaining monuments of Qajar with spectacular architecture.

Samimi garden and mansion is located in Ommat street, Kimeh district, and is also called Kimeh Mansion. It is one hour and 20 minutes between Ahvaz and Ramhormoz.

Inscribed as one of the Iran National Heritages, this building is also best-known as Amir Sepahdar Garden; because its builder, Amir Hossain Khan Sepahdar, was a ruder in time of Mozaffar al-Din Shah Qajar. Although, he was dead before living in this house. Later, it becomes famous as the mansion of Mohammad Samimi.  

The building is 16500 square meter area. Its architecture is inspired by the western garden and it is due to the owner residency in Europe, however, the Persian features have also been considered in this structure.

After going up a few stairs, you will enter a porch in which all parts have been made from brick columns except for the eastern one. The inner mansion was an office in Qajar period, but in time of Pahlavi the house becam residential and the owner of garden lived in the middle palace or inner mansion.

The inner house is a two-storey including a basement and a ground floor. The hall, dinning-room, four rooms and a space for guards and attendants with a beautiful dome ceiling are placed on the ground floor. The watchtower is seen in front of the mansion.

Trees of garden are younger than the mansion. This garden with 1600 square meter area has embraced various trees for 200 years; they are bitter orange, sweat lemon, lemon, orange, palm, mulberry, olive, jujube, common pig and pine. The flower gave the garden a pleasant appearance and rose, stocks, damask rose and calla lily flowers have decorated the garden in different colors.

Currently, the owner of the mansion is the cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization and it is open to public visit in holidays.  

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