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Saheb-ol-Amr Mosque in Tabriz

Saheb-ol-Amr Mosque in Tabriz


Saheb-ol-Amr Mosque in Tabriz

Few Clouds

Few Clouds





The Saheb ol Amr Mosque or King Tahmasp Mosque is a mosque located on the east side of Saheb Abad square in Tabriz. The mosque was originally built in 1636 by the Safavid king Tahmasp I.

However the building was destroyed by the Ottoman ruler Murad IV after invading Tabriz in 1638. Once Persian troops re-affirmed control over the city, the mosque was rebuilt but suffered great damage from an earthquake that struck the city soon after.

Consequently, the entire square along with the mosque was reconstructed and this task was carried out by Goli Khan Danbali. In favor of the people, the mosque was dubbed Saheb ol Amr, a title of the last Twelver Shi'a Imam, Muhammad al-Mahdi. in 1850, Mirza Ali Akbar Khan, who was the Russian Consulate interpreter, rebuilt some other parts of dome, and added mirrors to the corridor. A school was built in the front part of the dome during the next phase.

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